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Collective Labour Law

Corporate co-determination, the application of collective agreements and employee representation on the supervisory boards can positively influence your labour and employee relations. But the coming statutory balancing of power depends on whether everyone abides by the rules. We support you comprehensively in all works council and personnel representation matters (e.g. elections, tasks attribution and jurisdictional questions, co-determination rights, the drafting and rescission of works and service agreements, reconciliations of interests and social plan, codes of conduct or HR policies) and negotiate with you or for you with works councils, employee councils or church staff representations. As specialists, we are often engaged in collective law regulation of new or interdisciplinary demanding issues e.g. employee data protection, whistleblowing/compliance, health protection, the management of operational integration, equal treatment/antidiscrimination or occupational pension schemes. We advise on collective bargaining law questions (e.g. the application of collective bargaining agreements, competition between collective agreements and withdrawal from collective agreements) and are experienced in the structuring and negotiation of works agreements, special and restructuring collective agreements with trade unions. We also represent your interests in litigation, in arbitration and conciliation proceedings as well as Labour Court decision proceedings. In co-determination, we advise on corporate structural decisions and the election procedure for employee representation on the supervisory board.

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