The partnership is based on a joint vision of how the practice of law can be organised to the best possible advantage of clients.

Specialisation with conviction

We rely on the lead we gain by engaging recognised experts in experienced teams for our clients. Each of our partners has gained prominence within the profession and contributes very special knowledge and ability. We assiduously guide the progress of our talented young lawyers.

Competence by experience

Many years’ experience of certain industries and wide experience with the most varied advisory and negotiation circumstances enable us to find practical solutions and implement them to the maximum strategic advantage. This strength is shown especially in very complex and innovative issues.

Success with individualised work

Naturally, we have a wide comparative basis and tried and trusted precedents. But good advice is individual. We develop with you the solution best suited to your requirements and bringing the greatest sustained success. And we remain at your side so that you maintain your advantage.

Pioneers and Innovators

We are at the forefront wherever new ideas or developments are discussed which could be interesting for our clients. We are therefore academically and educationally engaged. We are members in many professional associations and test employment law LegalTech applications.

Confidence in People

We work closely with our clients and aim at long-term client bonds. The partner who knows your business and whom you trust is there for you and personally contactable. We therefore deliberately work in close structures.

Discretion as principle

We ensure maximum discretion and do not indulge in self-importance. We accept social and community responsibility and, in suitable cases, are prepared to work pro bono publico. Our understanding of professional ethics is expressed in our reluctance to exploit that aspect to promote our law firm.

We place the highest demands on the quality of our work. We therefore concentrate exclusively on our specialist area. We provide a reliable network for all other areas.