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Boards Member Issues

Directors’ service agreements or executive remuneration issues often cross into otherwise distinct areas in which commercial, corporate and civil law aspects and perhaps even the special environment of specific industries (e.g. institutional remuneration law, agency law, public servants’ law) form complex combinations with employment and social law. We are particularly strong precisely here. We advise both companies and executives on the structuring and negotiation of their contracts. That applies especially for the service agreements of managing directors, management board or supervisory board members and leading executives also including performance-related remuneration components, participation agreements and avoidance of social risks, namely in connection with occupational pensions. We clarify questions of duties and liabilities of statutory corporate officers and institute claims for damages or defend such claims. At the ending of contracts and the corporate appointment, we advise on all legal and strategic issues arising and where necessary conduct litigation before the Civil or Labour Courts.

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