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Social Law

We advise employers on all questions of benefits, contributions and organisation under social law. Social insurance law is central, often concerning compulsory social insurance (pseudo independents, corporate officer status), liability of remuneration components to social insurance contributions, social insurance external audits and demands for arrears of social contributions or the optimization of contributions in the course of working time, remuneration and pension models. We also provide support in applying for state subsidies for employers (e.g. to the Employment Agency), the investigation of working incapacity or continuation of remuneration with health insurers and their medical service (MDK) and questions of the law on severely handicapped employees and their integration according to the Social Code (SGB IX). We also advise social and health institutions and providers and municipalities on issues of care, organisation, remuneration and financing law e.g. in connection with regulatory, control and audit processes including auditing of records and the negotiation of payment, reimbursement and quality agreements. In particular, we are often concerned with Homes for the Elderly law (Heimrecht), the Care and Residential Quality Act (PfleWoqG Pflege- und Wohnqualitätsgesetz), the Act on Residential Leases with Nursing and Care Services (Gesetz zur Regelung von Verträgen über Wohnraum mit Pflege- oder Betreuungsleistungen – WBVG) or the subvention of investment and service charges (e.g. under the BayKiBiG, PfleWoqG). In all those areas, we also conduct our clients’ applications and appeals as well as litigation before Social and Administrative Courts, or arbitrations or benefits test cases as the case may be.

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