bild Litigation


It is not always possible to avoid court proceedings. Limitation periods and time limits for appeals may leave no option but to file a claim, one may be sued or out-of-court negotiations do not seem to promise a satisfactory conclusion. In such cases, you will wish for prominent and experienced litigation lawyers to represent your interests strongly and combatively. We appear very often and in the most varied cases before the Labour Courts at all levels and we are among the few law firms to conduct cases even before the Federal Labour Court. For  corporate officers, we also conduct cases before the Civil Courts. In the context of our employment and social law specialization, we also regularly represent our clients before the Social and Administrative Courts e.g. for approval of dismissals under the Maternal Protection Act (MuSchG), Parental Benefit and Parental Leave Act (BEEG), Social Code (SGB) IX or disputes about costs under the Social Code (SGB), the Bavarian Children’s Education and Care Act (Bayerisches Kinderbildungs- und -betreuungsgesetz – BayKiBiG) or the Care and Residential Quality Act (PfleWoqG). Naturally, we support our clients in preliminary social and administrative law proceedings (objections), court mediation and conciliation proceedings. Although we frequently and gladly litigate, we nevertheless always seek the best option in every case and we are proud that two of our partners also work as certified commercial mediators. We can, in many cases, offer a promising alternative in order to arrive at agreed solutions even between previously rigid positions.

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