Portrait Katharina Delling Pfab Final

Katharina König started her legal career at maat in March 2019 as a salaried attorney. She had already begun to specialise in employment law during her studies and, during her clerkship, was involved in the employment law practice group at one of Germany’s leading commercial law firms.

As an attorney, she is responsible for advising and representing our clients across the full spectrum of individual and collective employment law. She mainly advises large and medium-size companies in all matters relating to establishing, implementing and terminating employment, including representing them before labour courts in judgement and arbitration proceedings. She also focuses on corporate co-determination and personnel representation law. In particular, Ms König advises clients in the social and health sector, as well as in the aviation industry.

Katharina König is an employment law all-rounder. She takes a straight, direct approach to legal practice, a fact borne out by her success.